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How Can Acupuncture Help You With…? Anxiety

Anxiety and acupuncture

‘Anxiety in view of Chinese Medicine can have few causes. They are energetically compromised quality of Heart Qi, Heart Blood or Yin deficiency in general. Patterns of disharmony of substances relate also to Pericardium, Heart and/or Kidneys organs. Liver Qi Stagnation can be affecting our moods as well to some degree.

Spirit understood as our psycho-emotional expression is rooted in Blood. This is why women are more prone to anxiety and they have rich emotional life as the quantity of women’s Blood is affected by menstrual cycles. It is confirmed clinically and more women indeed experience or complain about feeling anxious than men.

It is often a struggle to break through the cycle of anxiety and symptoms that are connected to it. Agitation, overthinking and worry lead to stress, emotional overstimulation and even insomnia. Lack of good night sleep makes us more vulnerable to overstimulation and a vicious cycle is being created. How not to allow this situation to drain our energy resources? How to find our way back to the restful ocean within?

Ocean path…

The acupuncture treatment for anxiety is designed individually for each patient. Dispersing the excess is the first priority for the acupuncturist. Only then the underlying energetical weakness can be strengthened. Many acupuncture points have calming effect on the mind and they can be used directly to help patients relax during treatment. This in turn brings about longer-lasting results from each procedure. Consecutive sessions will reinforce the positive pattern of relaxation. Patients often experience the feeling of calmness during the acupuncture session. Some go into a pleasant ‘alpha state’, others even allow themselves to doze off for 5-10 min. It is a sign of good response to treatment, meaning we are allowing our body and mind to rest and reset.

Just remember that acupuncture is a therapy. The longer you experience your symptoms the more likely it is that the effects of the treatment will come gradually. Slowly but surely is the best way anyway.’


TCM & 5 Element Acupuncture in St Albans

Acupuncture in St Albans

You may have heard about different styles of  acupuncture. Chinese Medicine for thousands of years has been passed down in a succession of master-apprentice that is typical for Eastern civilisations learning process. The variety of approaches and practical styles of application was extremely rich because every practitioner could throughout the lifetime introduce their own experiences and insights into the style they would teach their students. They in the same continuous process would develop their individualised approach and again pass it on to another generation of students.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

From about the middle of the 20th century Mao Tse Tung and communists  gradually regained the China’s independence from Western colonialism. This brought about a renewal of Chinese Medicine. For the first time in history Chinese medicine was introduced to universities and reorganised in an effort to create one universal academical system. So called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was created as a result. Because communism is based in materialistic philosophy the TCM did not include any reference to spiritual aspect of acupuncture that was integral part of this holistic medicinal system. The diagnostic process is focused mainly on recognising imbalances in body substances and elements and is analytical in reasoning and logical in application. TCM acupuncture style does affect the spirit as well as the body because acupuncture points work on deep energetic level and the concept of Spirit (Shen) is integral part of the theory of Chinese Medicine.

5 Elements Constitutional Acupuncture

This vital style of acupuncture was missed during the creation of academical acupuncture in China. The British national professor J R Worsley, who studied in the 50-ties of the last century in Taiwan and Korea developed this style in the West. His tireless work both as a physician and a teacher popularised acupuncture in UK and America. While TCM was oriented more towards the external, the 5 Element Acupuncture dealt mainly with internal causes of disease which are emotions. In this manner the focus in 5 Element style is on the patients’ spirit and its dominating role in the healing process. The diagnosis is based on sensory acuity of the practitioner and can be largely intuitive. It stresses the health of patient’s body, mind and spirit as an inseparable whole.

Integrated Chinese Medicine

A group of professor Worsley’s students who trained under him first and then spent time training in TCM in China noticed that both acupuncture styles are complementary to each other and the artificial separation was limiting to the scope of treatment. In 1993 John and Angela Hicks funded the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading. Since then the school has been training dozens of students every year. The uniqueness of the integrated acupuncture style is reflected in diagnostic approach that is based at the core of the deepest, individual so called ‘constitutional factor’. It is extremely beneficial for the patients to receive treatments based on recognition of their constitutional imbalance. The integrated acupuncture incorporates the TCM approach into the diagnosis and treatment strategy as well. This way it brings out the best from both styles together to treat person on the level of body and mind in most effective manner.

It is also rewarding for practitioner to be able to work in style that reflects the beauty and depth of the fact that we all go through the patterns of life in our own individual way. Integrated acupuncture is now available in St Albans with Blue Diamond Acupuncture.


Healthcare and Acupuncture

Self-healthcare and Chinese Medicine

Health care is a vital part of our life. Unfortunately we usually discover that when things are starting to go wrong and lack of health occurs. We realise that the joy of life is something we took for granted. When we are healthy we have the potential to experience everything else and draw from life as much as we want. Only when we loose it our possibilities seem to be limited by discomfort and pain.

The idea of sharing basic knowledge about acupuncture comes from the passion for this marvellous method of self healthcare. Acupuncture can be of immense benefit to our well being on physical and emotional level.
The only thing is as stated in Chinese Medicine classical text Nei Jing ‘…that healing actually comes from within.’

Those of you who want to have the knowledge about the processes you may go through during the progress of acupuncture treatment I hope this blog will give some more insight into the range of possibilities within Chinese Medicine.

If you find it useful in any way I will be happy to know that it is serving its purpose.

With best wishes of health and long and happy life!

Pawel Skrzypczak
Blue Diamond Acupuncture
St Albans