Anxiety and acupuncture

‘Anxiety in view of Chinese Medicine can have few causes. They are energetically compromised quality of Heart Qi, Heart Blood or Yin deficiency in general. Patterns of disharmony of substances relate also to Pericardium, Heart and/or Kidneys organs. Liver Qi Stagnation can be affecting our moods as well to some degree.

Spirit understood as our psycho-emotional expression is rooted in Blood. This is why women are more prone to anxiety and they have rich emotional life as the quantity of women’s Blood is affected by menstrual cycles. It is confirmed clinically and more women indeed experience or complain about feeling anxious than men.

It is often a struggle to break through the cycle of anxiety and symptoms that are connected to it. Agitation, overthinking and worry lead to stress, emotional overstimulation and even insomnia. Lack of good night sleep makes us more vulnerable to overstimulation and a vicious cycle is being created. How not to allow this situation to drain our energy resources? How to find our way back to the restful ocean within?

Ocean path…

The acupuncture treatment for anxiety is designed individually for each patient. Dispersing the excess is the first priority for the acupuncturist. Only then the underlying energetical weakness can be strengthened. Many acupuncture points have calming effect on the mind and they can be used directly to help patients relax during treatment. This in turn brings about longer-lasting results from each procedure. Consecutive sessions will reinforce the positive pattern of relaxation. Patients often experience the feeling of calmness during the acupuncture session. Some go into a pleasant ‘alpha state’, others even allow themselves to doze off for 5-10 min. It is a sign of good response to treatment, meaning we are allowing our body and mind to rest and reset.

Just remember that acupuncture is a therapy. The longer you experience your symptoms the more likely it is that the effects of the treatment will come gradually. Slowly but surely is the best way anyway.’