• Acupuncture belongs to so called energy based medicine and as such it works best through accumulation of energy (Qi – ‘life force’ in loose translation).
  • Having consecutive, regular treatments gives the best results.
  • Depending on severity of condition treated and time the patient has had the symptoms for a series of treatments is essential to uproot the pathogen and bring body back to health again.
  • Building the treatment strategy and creating best approach for individual patients is optimal if based on thorough information gathering from a patient and feedback from consecutive treatments. This includes interview, pulse & tongue taking, physical examination and observation of signs and symptoms.
  • In most cases 5-6 acupuncture visits are good enough for patients to get the experience of changes and conviction of benefits that Chinese Medicine can give them.
  • As in life people are individual and some have the convincing experience that is strong and can be quick, others build up the more balanced state of functioning and health gradually. Both are fine and they equally prove the deep therapeutic effects of acupuncture to patients themselves.


1st treatment (lasts up to 1.5 hours)dsc_7888a

  • 40 min – interview – gathering information from the patient
  • 10-15 min – pulse & tongue taking – gathering informations about the state of patient qi from the pulse and substances affecting organs from the tongue
  • 30 min – application of needles – usually the standard procedure is removing potential blocks unless there is pain and focus on its relief is needed for patient wellbeing

2nd & consecutive treatments (up to 45 min)

  •  5-10 min – feedback from previous treatment
  • 5-10 min – pulse & tongue taking
  • 25 min – application of needles – plus cupping, moxibustion, gua sha (skin gentle scraping therapy), elements of Tuina (Chinese massage) applied accordingly to individual diagnosis.