Self-healthcare and Chinese Medicine

Health care is a vital part of our life. Unfortunately we usually discover that when things are starting to go wrong and lack of health occurs. We realise that the joy of life is something we took for granted. When we are healthy we have the potential to experience everything else and draw from life as much as we want. Only when we loose it our possibilities seem to be limited by discomfort and pain.

The idea of sharing basic knowledge about acupuncture comes from the passion for this marvellous method of self healthcare. Acupuncture can be of immense benefit to our well being on physical and emotional level.
The only thing is as stated in Chinese Medicine classical text Nei Jing ‘…that healing actually comes from within.’

Those of you who want to have the knowledge about the processes you may go through during the progress of acupuncture treatment I hope this blog will give some more insight into the range of possibilities within Chinese Medicine.

If you find it useful in any way I will be happy to know that it is serving its purpose.

With best wishes of health and long and happy life!

Pawel Skrzypczak
Blue Diamond Acupuncture
St Albans