‘A good healer cannot depend on skill alone. He must also have the correct attitude, sincerity, compassion and a sense of responsibility. The patient must also be aware of his or her body in order to recognise signs and symptoms and imbalances. That patient can then seek remedies at the earliest possible moment. When doctor and patient are in a state of harmony, the illness will not linger or become terminal.’

Neijing Suwen ‘The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine’
Chapter 14 – The Art of Medicine

Why poeople choose to have acupuncture?

Acupuncture is part of Chinese Medicine system that goes back few thousand years. Ancient Chinese physicians discovered the network of energy channels in human body that connects the inner organs with the physical world outside. Very thin, sterile needles inserted in certain acupuncture points on the channels can restore the natural and balanced flow of energy in our bodies. This way the build-in mechanism of self healing is boosted and and body can rekindle its self-repairing processes. The deep and effective way of energy-based medicine is free from side effects and helps to balance both body and mind at the same time.



The acupuncture procedures can be further enhanced by use of heat in form of red light lamp or moxibustion (see picture); Gua-Sha (vigorous skin scraping therapy), cupping and Chinese massage called Tuina. All those applied accordingly to patient’s individual diagnosis eliminate or diminish pain and promote health.

Acupuncture can help patients to get rid of pain but also to experience better functioning. Through being more relaxed, having more energy and developing more awareness of body and mind we rekindle the balance once lost. It allows to calm the spirit and look at our present situation from a different perspective. This in itself can have healing effect and help us access more resourceful state to deal with our present situation in best possible way.

Why poeople choose to have acupuncture?